FAQ | South Eastern Karate Association

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Taekwondo different from Karate and other Martial Arts?

Are You Accepting New Students?

Are you a full-contact martial art or a soft style?

Why do you teach karate?

There are a lot of martial arts. Which style is best?

I don’t want my child fighting. Can he or she still benefit?

How old is too old to train?

How long will it take to earn a black belt?

Can I learn or improve my karate with a book or video?

What will I have to do to obtain (or pass) my rank tests?

How do you teach different levels of students in the same class?

What progression of belt colors is used at your school?

Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to call us for any questions you may have about joining our school. Potential students are encouraged and welcome to view our classes prior to signing up.